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Business Plans

The planning stage is an essential element of any successful business, particularly for a start-up business. It is also the element that is all too frequently not carried out properly.

It is the stage at which hard questions need to be asked (and answered).  Is there truly a market? If so how does one get the new business established in it? Anyone can write a 3-year plan, but can they write a realistic plan? In doing a cash flow or P&L forecast it’s easy to put in the figures you would like to achieve, but are they really achievable or are they simply wishful thinking?

We have the right level of expertise and contacts to not only help you create your Business

Plan but also to secure funding if you have a genuine solid and viable plan.

What are the Key Elements of a Business Plan?

1. Business Plan Writing

Create a detailed Plan that conveys a good first impression to your potential investors and stakeholders.

2. Business Plan Review

If you have already started on your business plan and need professional advice to deliver the key points. We can review it for you and help you present your future vision for the business.  We can also make sure that your business plan attains the standard expected by investors and funders

3. Financial Projections and Funding

Key to any Business Plan we will give you an honest appraisal on your financial projections and if sound help you with any potential funding requirements.

Existing Business Plan Advice

If you are inexperienced in the process it is important to get suitable advice and guidance, or at least a second opinion (just make sure it’s an experienced opinion). This is where iBOSS Ltd can help. We can advise on the effectiveness of an existing business plan or we can call upon a team of experienced professionals to help in formulating a new plan.

Whether you are submitting an application to a Bank for new funding or looking for an Investor, a well structured, realistic Business Plan with believable forecasts is essential.


Business Finance

We can help with the process of raising finance.