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Do you need help in planning and growing your business? If you do, then make us at Independent Business Owners Support Services Ltd. (iBOSS) your first call. Whether you are based in Northampton, Newbury, Newport or Northumberland, we are here to support you with a comprehensive mentoring and business development service.

Our Team have a wealth of experience working with SME’s. So, our aim is to make sure your business makes it! Ultimately we want to help you to develop your business and ensure that it grows to its maximum potential. Thus, whether you have a new or existing enterprise, we will help you to plan, develop and grow it in the most effective way possible.

If, however, it’s finance you need, or you find yourself in a Rescue & Recovery (Turnaround) situation, then talk to our Associate company Business Finance Services.

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Why Choose a Business Advisor?

A business mentor Northamptonshire is needed in times of uncertainty. You may need to get some help with writing that essential business plan to gain some finance. In the event that you need to create efficiencies, we help make minor changes to processes and policies to save time and money!

iBOSS provide support to businesses, just when you need it!

You may have exciting products and services. That doesn’t always guarantee success in your sales, however! Running a business presents many challenges. Good planning together with savvy marketing can bring great results. This is where a good business mentor can help you hit your sales targets! iBOSS is such a business mentor and we know how to get you to your targets!

Through a range of services iBOSS will help you to develop your business and ensure that it has a long life. We are also specialists in the  preparation of business plans alongside our monitoring services. We can also arrange additional services like training . It’s what we do!

Why Choose iBOSS?

  • We are a friendly and helpful business mentor based in Northamptonshire. The team possess years of experience owning, managing and funding SME businesses.
  • Start-ups are our forte
  • Extensive skills in business planning and mentoring, coupled with a comprehensive network of business contacts across a wide range of business sectors and disciplines.
  • Experience in dealing with challenging situations including growth, acquisitions, turnaround and diversification.

If you are a business owner looking for a business mentor in Northamptonshire call us!! We will keep you on the right path. If you need support for your business we are here to help! Do you have a new business idea? Take advantage of our FREE, no-obligation review of your business. One hour of your time could be time well spent!

Data Protection Policy

The Independent Business Owners Support Services Ltd. are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Click Here for our Data Protection & Privacy Statement which contains what data we collect, why, how and what we do and don’t with the information

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