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How did we become Expert Business Advisors? Well here is our story:

Independent Business Owners Support Services Ltd. (iBOSS) was set up by Peter Douglas, Phil Jones and John Landers who between them have a wide range of experience in most aspects required for running successful SME Business. All three have for some time recognised that many SME owners are reluctant to confide with others over the challenges they face in a business and often end up not being able to ‘see the wood from the trees’  IBOSS has been set up specifically to, as the name suggests, provide support services to the owners of independent businesses to help them plan and keep on the road to making their business successful.   Peter has worked in Export sales for an internationally renowned heavy plant company before setting up several of his own businesses. Phil includes in his CV running the one of the largest hotel and conference centres in Europe based in Dublin alongside many other roles in the Leisure and Entertainment sector. John with an accounting background has nearly 40 years’ experience working in the SME funding and professional services sectors. All three believe that in the unprecedented times now facing SME businesses brought about by Covid 19 it is even more important for SME business owners to spread their workload and sense check their direction of travel. IBOSS can provide such support covering most aspects required to run a successful business The IBOSS owners commit to only support businesses where they know they can add value and will be very transparent and up front on how our support will be delivered. Assignments will not be taken on if it is believed there will be no added value. Call Now for your FREE Consultation

Our business advisory services include, but are not restricted to:

  • An initial free and confidential consultation to explore and understand the needs of you and your business.
  • A proposal in writing outlining an assignment brief outlining the support services that have been identified as being required to help the business. This would include proposed timescales and a fee proposal for consideration.
  • On engagement we will set about delivering the services agreed which may include regular meetings and engagement with the SME owners to deliver the scope of the assignment
  • In addition to keeping the business on track we are happy to provide mentoring services to help the personal development of the business owners and increase their awareness of skills required to enhance the success of their business

The iBOSS Team are here to provide support and guidance to SME’s including start-up businesses. Whether your business is embarking on a growth strategy, acquisition, consolidation, restructuring or turnaround the directors of IBOSS have a wealth of experience in all situations. If you believe that your business could benefit with another pair of eyes overseeing and supporting you, then please contact one of the IBOSS directors below who would be delighted to have an exploratory conversation about our services

Meet the iBOSS Team

Phil Jones – Director

I started my career in the travel industry including owning three travel agencies in the South, Midlands and North.  This was good grounding in running a small/medium sized business.  After selling the business I moved into the Sport and Hospitality industry. I managed one of the largest hotel, golf and conference centres in Europe. Subsequently I have been involved in the launch of new businesses as diverse as a healthy fast food chain of outlets in Ireland, a children’s outdoor activity centre, relaunching a ferry company and a hotel in Devon. I also spent a period as a senior manager for Silverstone Racing Circuit. I have been based in this Region ever since. More recently my career has included managing a golf club and, subsequently, helping it to transition from a company owned club to a Members owned club. I believe with my diversity of projects and having worked in a variety of business sectors including PLC, Pan European, independently owned and Co-operative businesses, this gives me a strong background in being able to help other businesses whether they are start-ups, those simply looking to grow or those needing help to turnaround from a loss-making position.

Peter Douglas – Director

Having successfully completed a Degree in Business Studies I spent over 20 years in Export Sales and Marketing working for a number of large corporations and travelling all over the World. All very well but eventually the decision was made to give up the Globe-Trotting and spend more time with my young family.  The result was that my wife and I bought a business which we ran together successfully for a number of years. Since then I have been involved in running SME’s and, over the last 20 years, have spent most of my time helping other SME owner/managers to organise and finance their businesses. There is nothing more satisfying than helping SME’s to grow or to regain their strength. Now, with iBOSS and my colleagues, we can offer our clients a great deal of knowledge, contacts and practical experience whether that be in terms of developing a business plan or simply providing an on-going Mentoring service.

John Landers – Director

John has an accountancy background and moved into the invoice finance industry in 1981. Initially working in the Client Relationship and Operations department, after a couple of years, he moved into Sales and has been helping businesses obtain funding ever since. John has managed sales and business development teams in both finance and professional services and prides himself on helping businesses obtain the most appropriate funding facilities to meet their needs.  Outside of iBoss , John is also a director of Commercial Finance Broker, Business Finance Services Ltd and in addition to provides ‘outsource sales support’ to a couple of independent lenders. A keen sports fan John enjoys Golf and swimming [but not at the same time !!].