Marketing Strategy

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Getting to your customers –

These days it is, in one way, a lot easier and initially cheaper to get to your potential customers but, in another, a lot more difficult to stand out from the crowd. Through websites and social media, you can get to a wider audience, however, this has led to a vast array of businesses who go down this route. As a consequence, businesses are having to pay more and more to stay on the first page of any listing. Creative agencies are charging more and more for this service. What we promise through the IBOSS team is that, through our Associates, we will always be looking for the most cost-effective way to promote your business.

Unique Selling Points –

Any new business must believe they have a great product and can compete in the marketplace. Why you think you can compete is fundamental to your success. Your unique selling point does not necessarily have to be the product itself. It does, However, invariably need to be good quality and at a good price. It can simply be that you have found a great location, or you are the first in the marketplace. Once we can see that your vision has real potential, we would be delighted to help create the right plan to maximise that potential.

Creating the Plan –

So having thought about all the above it is time to create that plan. First, we can help you create a plan that covers all aspects of your business. Elements of the plan will include:

– Background of the business and key personnel.
– Product/Service details and potential market.
– Competition, SWOT analysis etc.
– Financials including forecasts and details of any finance needed.

Then, once the plan and forecasts have been completed, this can be used to develop a monthly or quarterly plan. This is essential to monitor progress against the plan, an activity that should become a regular routine to ensure you stay on track.

Take our advice –

If you use the iBOSS Mentoring service we can help you to monitor progress. We will advise if we think your important marketing spend should be re-targeted or simply tweaked with a potentially stronger message.

If the above elements are all pulled together, the plan will be focused. You will be able to avoid wasting valuable time and money! If you would like to discuss this in more detail do get in touch and ask for our free consultation.