High banking charges hinder SME expansion

A  study of 3,000 small business owners has found that high banking charges are a bigger obstacle to international expansion than Brexit red tape. It is claimed that last year UK small businesses lost £2.8bn to hidden fees. This resulted in 69% of them being prevented from expanding further. Business owners said they struggle to compare the market. This was due to a “corporate opt out” that allows banks to hide their fees in the exchange rate.

Calls to end ‘Opt out’.

One of the international account providers, is calling on ministers to end ‘the opt out’. Also to ban hidden fees for businesses and consumers. Two-thirds of business leaders agree that ‘the opt out’ should be removed. They believe that regulation should require banks to be transparent about international payment costs. Research shows that, if the cost of international banking services were reduced, 34% of SMEs would enter new markets. Also 27% would hire more staff!

iBOSS Comment:  

Anything that can help to promote exports is to be encouraged. Banks should realise that they also would benefit from this in the future! Short-term pain for long-term Gain! Call us at iBOSS for business planning and advice on Home and Export markets. For help in raising finance click onto this link to our sister company BFS

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