Business News – UK start-ups adapting to survive the crisis

In an article in Business Money Richard Bearman, managing director of Start Up Loans, commented: “I am in awe at the determination and creativity of small business owners across the UK, who have not only survived COVID-19 thus far but have actively capitalised on the new trends it has created by always staying one step ahead of the curb.

iBOSS Comment:

What should also be highlighted is that many of those start-ups sought professional business advice before taking the plunge. Many quickly realise that if they are to have any chance of a sustainable venture, they need a Business Plan. A good business consultant can clearly help you here because they probably have not only been through this themselves but have already assisted many businesses to get off on a firm footing. Look at it this way, would you run headlong through a dark tunnel not knowing what is in front or even to the side of you. You would want to be sure what lies ahead and do I genuinely believe it is a risk worth taking to reach the other side.

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