Apprenticeship a better option?

The Telegraph has reported that apprentices are a better option for learning. The claim is that they can out-earn university graduates. This applies to the first 5 years of their working life. Furthermore they avoid the £45,000 of student debt that graduates can incur. Engineering apprentices in the electricity generation, water provision and manufacturing earn an average of £39,200 after five years. This surpasses the estimated £36,500 earned by engineering degree graduates. Apprentices in building and construction also tend to out-earn their university counterparts. Another advantage of many apprenticeships is that they offer more immediate job opportunities. Figures show that 77% of apprentices are in sustained employment one year after completion. This compares with 62.5% of graduates. 

BFS Comment:

Some strong arguments for young people to consider taking an apprenticeship rather than going down the pure academic route. The only thing they miss out on is the ‘Students Union.’ That can be compensated for by local Pubs & Clubs. One advantage of a proper apprenticeship is that it gives experience of work/business at a much earlier stage. Having said this, the perfect solution is what used to be called a ‘Sandwich Course’. This involves part time with an employer and part time at college.