Police announce plans for new anti-fraud website.

Action Fraud replacement

James Thomson, chair of the City of London Police Authority Board, has announced a new £152m anti-fraud web site. This service will replace Action Fraud. The objective is to tackle fraud and cybercrime more effectively. This is in response to MPs on the Public Accounts Committee having described the current reporting system as “unfit for purpose.” Mr Thomson insists that the new service will speed up the time it takes to report offences, keep victims informed of progress and quickly close fraudulent websites and bank accounts.

iBOSS Comment:

Our Associate company, Business Finance Services, suffered a Cyber attack back in 2022. On that occasion, Action Fraud acted swiftly and prevented any serious damage. Anything that can be done, however, to further improve the protection available to SMEs is to be encouraged. This particularly applies when the perpetrators are based overseas!