Are you stressed & losing sleep over  how to expand your business?

Increasing numbers of people are stressed and losing sleep worrying over how to expand thier business. A recently Nat-West commissioned report says that 60% of businesses have admitted that 2023 is one of their most stressful years. Top of  the list of the biggest challenges are:

  1. Generating new business.
  2. Coping with rising operational costs.
  3. Balancing work with their personal lives. Some 39% say they are regularly working beyond normal working hours. Also 34% are sacrificing their weekends taking work calls.

The vast majority of business owners (92%) have taken steps to reduce their stress in the workplace. This has been achieved by making healthier lifestyle choices and taking short breaks throughout the day. The NatWest-commissioned report also found that 59% of bosses admit they feel nervous when pitching & presenting to clients. So, to grow their enterprise, business owners and CEOs are focusing on product diversification (27%). Also they are ‘beefing-up’ their digital e-commerce presence (26%). A quarter (26%) are also exploring how they can adapt to new and emerging technologies to deliver that growth.

iBOSS Comment:

One way to reduce the stress whilst growing your business is to seek advice from experienced professionals. That’s where iBOSS comes in. Our Team have many years of working both with our own businesses and in helping others to achieve growth, or in some cases recovery. To learn more about the help we can offer call Phil on 07876 503830 for a free consultation.

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