Plans to crack down on companies with poor customer service.

It is reported that Companies with a poor Customer Service record could face fines under plans being considered by the Government. The proposals, developed by Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt, aim to give regulators more power to address bad customer service. They include measures to tackle “drip pricing”. They will make it easier for consumers to change and cancel contracts. MP John Penrose supports the plans. He said “Making the consumer king or queen means we all get better deals. If we don’t like something, we can vote with our feet and take our business elsewhere.” He added: “It’s the simplest, most profound way of handing power back to citizens.”

iBOSS Comment:

Sounds like a good and potentially popular move. It remains to be seen whether it works. If attaining a satisfactory level of customer service has become a problem in your business, then give us a call at iBOSS and benefit from our experience. Just call Phil on 07876 503830 for a free consultation on how we can help.

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